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Are you planning an event with us in your church?

First of all, contact us. We will then look for a suitable date. As a rule, our concerts can only be held on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays and  - since we depend on a well-tuned organ (if possible, concert pitch A 440 Hz)  - only take place in the months of March to October.

Your church should have room for at least 200 guests and there must be enough room at the organ for the band to set up. We would be happy to come to you for a technical preview, provided that the distance allows. At least two technical assistants and the caretaker or sexton should be available to us on the day of set-up or the day of the event.

In order to achieve a high number of visitors, it depends on appropriate advertising. We are happy to help with press texts, posters and flyers.


The D.O.O.R. project is a fundraising project of the Evangelische Johannesgemeinde in Darmstadt. Therefore, the agreed fees or income from concerts will be used to support the church music work of the Johannesgemeinde. 

We will clarify everything else in personal contact.

With the button below you will get to our protected organizer area.

As the organizer of a concert with the DOOR project, you have received a password with which you can log in and then access this area of concert planning.

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